Before you begin the process of establishing WordPress with ChatGPT, it’s necessary to first finish steps 1 through 3. These steps include obtaining a free Virtual Private Server (VPS), setting up the domain, and establishing a connection to the server using SSH.

Step 1 Acquire a free Oracle Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Register an account and generate an instance which operates on Oracle Linux, version 8. Don’t forget to download the private key which will enable you to establish a connection with the instance via SSH.

After the instance is created, you’ll receive a public IP address and a username. You can use these credentials to establish a connection with the server.

Additionally, it’s necessary to include Ingress Rules to open ports 80 and 443.

Step 2 Register you Domain Name

Add an A record to point your domain name to your Oracle VPS IP address.

Step 3 Connect to a VPS server via SSH

You have the option to utilize WinSCP for connecting to the server.

Set SFTP server:

sudo su -c /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server

You can access the terminal window via PuTTY.

Step 4 Deploy LNMP and Install WordPress with ChatGPT

You can go through the entire setup process via the link shared below.

Setup LNMP Stack for WordPress (

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